Natasha Miller

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Just part way through High School, Natasha rides like a seasoned vet. A rider who doesn’t excel in just one avenue but multiple. Natasha has been crushing pumptrack, downhill, speed and style and pretty much anything she enters. When not competing, you can also find her taking part in the Women’s freeride movement and riding in events like Darkhorse and Hangtime. We can’t wait to see where Natasha takes her riding!

How would you define your riding style?

I think my riding style is pretty jumpy, I like to jump around the trail.

How and when did you get into riding?

When I was a little kid I loved riding my bike and I eventually found BMX. Raced my first race when I was 7 and worked my way up to the BC high performance BMX Team. I’ve always loved jumping and riding trails. I tried some DH races, Slope Style and freeride events and 2022 was the first year I made the switch and fully committed to Mountain Biking.

What do you do in your down time?

School, Basketball, Rugby and Camping.

Do you pull any inspiration from any other sports, arts etc?

My other sports mostly help me maintain my fitness, balance and strength for riding.

What are your aspirations as a rider?

To have as much fun as I can on my bike.

What riders do you look up to?

Casey Brown.

Have you been through any injuries/adversity?

I had a Concussion at the start of this season which had a tough recovery.

Do you have any results or projects that you are proud of?

Winning Big White Slopestyle last year, or my double bar spin.

What are your plans for 2023?

Rip some bicycles. Do CrankWorx, and more freeride events.