Forrest Riesco

Sunshine Coast, BC

Our silent assassin. Forrest is one of the most down to earth and humble people you will ever meet, but it is a different story when he gets behind the bars. Forrest has been holding it down as one of Canadas fastest racers for the last several years, with amazing style and skill we cannot wait to watch him race next season!

How would you define your riding style?

I’d say my riding is very calculated.  I don’t just point it downhill and roll the dice.  I like to know the “why” behind everything I do on the bike.  It has to make sense to me.  

How and when did you get into riding?

I’ve been riding since I was a kid.  I grew up riding around town and at the local skatepark with my friends.  We used to build jumps and find anything we could catch some air off, ha ha.  I started racing cross-country at 9 years old and then downhill at 12.  

What are your aspirations as a rider?

My aspiration as a rider is to get the highest level in downhill racing.  I want to be a consistent top 20 rider on the World Cup circuit.  

Do you pull any inspiration from any other sports, arts etc?

Yes I take a lot of inspiration from other athletes and artists. Motocross, skiing and F1 would be the top ones.   People like Lewis Hamilton who use their platforms to change the world for the better really inspire me. 

What do you do in your down time?

Photography has been a growing interest of mine the last few years.  It’s a good way to pull my focus away from riding for a period of time if I feel I need a break. 

What riders do you look up to?

Loic Bruni and Greg Minnaar have to be my top two.  Bruni is just so technically good in every way, he limits the variables of DH racing so well.  And Minnaar is the GOAT so there’s not much that needs to be said.  He’s been winning for so long and there is so much to learn from him.  

Have you been through any injuries/adversity?

I've had a few injuries over the years.  I broke my left collarbone twice and my right one once.  Then in 2019 I had a crash that discloated my right wrist and broke my radius.  Most recently I've broken my right Tibia.  This has a been a tough one as it's taken me out for most of the 2022 season. I hope to be back for the last race of the year, but I have to be patient and take it as it comes.  Injuries are always an emotional roller coaster, and they really test your commitment and motivation as an athlete. 

Do you have any results or projects that you are proud of?

In 2019 I broke into the top 20 at the World Cups, finishing 15th at Val di Sole.  That was a huge moment for me.  It sounds cliche but that really was a lifetime of work to get to that point.  

What are your plans for 2023?

Racing the World Cups is my focus.  I'm also very excited to work on some new media projects with the Akta team!