After working for the corporate side of the MTB industry for many years, it was time to get back to focusing on why we got into this work in the first place: passion and creativity. 

Focusing less on the clicks, views, likes, and influencers that have taken front stage of the industry lately, we created a line we’re stoked to wear every time we ride- a line of product that speaks for itself.

Our goal is to be big enough to give back and help our industry progress, but stay small enough that we have time to obsess over every detail.  We want to focus on the things that matter most - developing the best riding apparel, customer relationships, and supporting our athletes who provide invaluable feedback from product testing, and endless inspiration for what we can do next.

We saw an opportunity to not only build a better product with better value for our customers, but to build a better brand.  A brand that exists beyond the bottom line.