Let’s be honest, the most environmentally friendly thing we could do is to not start another MTB clothing company.  But we saw an opportunity to do things differently in this industry.  


As a startup company, we had lofty goals of using entirely post consumer recycled, bluesign approved fabrics.  We didn’t hit our goal, but we came very close, and we are stoked on that.

Bluesign® Approved

All materials (excluding our knee pad) are Bluesign approved.  Bluesign is an independent auditor that ensures fabrics pass the highest environmental standards along its entire production process. 

GRS Certified

All of the recycled materials we are using are GRS certified.  This means they are third party certified and confirms a responsible use of resources and processes that have the least possible impact on human health and the planet.

RePET® - Recycled Polyester

The polyester used in our jerseys is 100% recycled from post consumer waste.  Each long sleeve jersey removes approximately 24 plastic bottles from the landfill.

Greenlon® - Recycled Nylon

Our shorts and pants are made from a recycled nylon called Greenlon.  It is made from 100% post industrial material.  Each pair of pants prevents approximately 0.4kg of waste from going to landfills.  Also, Greenlon reduces CO2 emissions by 77% and water consumption by 84% compared to the production of virgin nylon material.

AX Suede® Recycled

We are stoked to be the first MTB brand using AX Suede’s first Bluesign approved recycled polyester material.  Approximately 1 plastic bottle is saved from the landfill per each pair of palms from our gloves.

YKK® Natulon®

100% of our zippers are YKK’s Natulon. This equals approximately half of a plastic bottle being removed from landfills per short/pant.


All of the D3O used in our shorts and pants come from their fully recycled line called ZERO.  It is made from using 100% post industrial recycled D3O material.  All the trusted protection, in a recycled package.