Ace Hayden

Victoria, BC

Laidback, natural style - that is Ace Hayden.  Whether he’s cruising trails, or navigating big mountain lines, he has a way of always making it look effortless.  When he’s not pushing it on his bike, Ace is always scouting for new creative lines.  If you’ve been lucky enough to get out for a ride with him, you’ll know he’s always got a good story from traveling the world riding bikes.  We look forward to being part of those stories soon.

How would you define your riding style?

Fast, loose, smooth and swaggy haha.

How and when did you get into riding?

I got interested in biking when I was about 14 when some kids in town had gotten some cool Mountain bikes. I had always skated so I had a bunch of ramps and we would all ride them together and then eventually I started being more interested in biking. My Mom got a job in Kamloops shortly after so we made the move and that’s when biking took over.

What are your aspirations as a rider?

I really just want to continue working on myself and getting to where I want to be as a rider and portray biking the way I see it to people. The sport has changed so much over the years with social media and people doing it for the wrong reasons, and I want to bring back a little bit of the 2000’s that I grew up on. 

Do you pull any inspiration from any other sports, arts etc?

I pull a lot of inspiration from everywhere! Im really into art and fashion culture, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, music and autosport.

What do you do in your down time?

I usually spend my down time building/scoping, spending time with my dog and family, painting/drawing, skating and vehicle projects.

What riders do you look up to?

Andreu, Aggy, Rheeder, Miles. From other sports, Josh Hansen, Peraza, Miles Silvas.

Have you been through any injuries/adversity?

Unfortunately, quite a lot. I’ve dislocated my left elbow twice and shattered it and have it rebuilt with my hamstring tendon. I had a pretty gruesome knee laceration/injury that led to a serious infection and surgery. On top of that Ive broken my back, lots of other little bones, torn tendons, and some concussions sprinkled in there. Ive switched my riding style up a bit and spent the last few years getting my body back straight and also working on the mental. Im feeling the best I have in years and Im really excited. 

Do you have any results or projects that you are proud of?

Ive been lucky enough to travel the world for several years shooting bangers with YT. As a kid who grew up on movie segments and magazines, I wanted to be the type of rider I looked up to in that era and I have done a pretty good job at that. So Id say that’s what Im most proud of.

What are your plans for 2023?

I have a pretty huge video project in the works and that’s all you are going to hear about that! I will be doing a lot of video projects with Akta and my other sponsors. Coaching camps, racing enduros, downhills and crankworx events. I’m really excited for next year and to get things rolling with Akta!