Behind the scenes

Filming of "LEFT BEEF"

BTS: The Filming of "LEFT BEEF"

So many of our athletes live and train on the Island that it only made sense to go check out their local spots.

"This was the first time getting this crew together for a shoot, and it was instantly nothing but good times.  It definitely felt more like a road trip with homies than a "work trip" and I think that came through in the finished product.  Apologies to our team for having to eat so many PB&J sandwiches! "

- Travis Bilton

Forrest and Ben grew up racing together, so the pace was high whenever they were in front of the lens.

" Planning to do a shoot at the end of May on Vancouver island was a bit of a gamble with the weather.  I don't think we could have asked for a better turn out; long hot days with green vegetation from the wet spring made for some great filming conditions. " 

- Travis Bilton

A highlight of the trip was getting to see the effortless style from the up and coming slopestyle rider Max Cookman. The passion and excitement he has for what he's doing was very inspiring. Big things to come for this guy in the future. And we're so proud to have him in our kits and pads.

Prevost is an internationally renowned trail network in Duncan. On any given winter day you can roll up to this mountain and be rubbing shoulders with pro riders across multiple disciplines. Forrest spends a lot of time training on these tracks in preparation for his World Cup season. And Ace can often be found sessioning the new set of jumps at the base of the mountain year round.

Kids got steeze. Was so good to check out his stomping grounds.

It was Mia's first time on the island as well as her first time meeting any of the Akta team. Right off the bat, her vibe matched up with the whole teams and it was so much fun having her along. She got comfortable on the trails very quickly and was an absolute pleasure to shoot with.

"I don't get the chance to ride with Ben as much lately because he lives on the Island most of the year and I'm on the Coast. So it was a lot of fun getting to chase him down these tracks. Love following that guy and seeing what he can do on a bike, so much talent and style."

- Forrest Riesco

We based ourselves out of Duncan for the whole trip. The drives to Victoria or to Nanaimo were less then an hour.

We had a pretty sweet setup in an RV on a friend's property. No complaints here. We were lighting up that BBQ every night.