BTS on The Shoot That Almost Didn’t Happen

Brand Shoot Part 1 - Sunshine Coast

Brand Video Shoot Part1: Sunshine Coast

Planning a shoot a few days after Crankworx seemed like a good idea.  The great MTB migration to Whistler brings everyone together which logistically would make a shoot on the Sunshine Coast seem easier as everyone would be nearby.  Turns out there’s still a thing called Covid and it spread through Crankworx as fast as a BC wildfire.  Add injuries into the mix and our list of available riders shrunk dramatically.  What was supposed to be the first time all of our athletes would get together to ride and get introduced to the company and product, turned into a two person shoot:  Ben Wallace and Natasha Miller.

What is typically a couple hours of travel from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast, turned into a 9 hour day of waiting through canceled ferries, engine failure and massive lines.  Thankfully Matty Miles and Natasha MIller were already on the Coast and Forrest lives over there.  We had to stuff Ben Wallace’s backpack with our photo samples and send him walking on the ferry so they could get started on the shoot.  Nine hours later Jesse and myself make it to the shoot just in time for the last bit of golden coastal light.

The rest of the shoot went off without any hiccups.  The next step was planning part two of our brand shoot…