Our pants and shorts are

88% Recycled

Each pair of our mountain bike pants and shorts prevents approximately 0.4kg of waste from going to landfills by using GREENLON® recycled nylon.

Reduces CO2 emissions by 77% and water consumption by 84% compared to production of virgin nylon.


24 plastic bottles

The polyester used in our mtb trail jerseys is 100% recycled from post consumer waste which removes approximately 24 plastic bottles from the landfill.

An Akta MTB Short Film


Setting new standards in the MTB industry


MTB Trail


Our policies and guarantees

Warranty & Crash Replacement


Brand Shoot Part 1 - Sunshine Coast

BTS on the shoot that almost didn't happen.

Our riders are an invaluable part of our brand


From day 1 they have been testing the product and providing feedback. They are an incredible source of creative inspiration to us.